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The Balvenie Distillery Tour

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A tour of our distillery in Dufftown is a unique experience. Whilst on the tour you’ll get to see the only traditional, working floor maltings in the Scottish Highlands. You’ll also meet some of our expert craftsmen who’ll teach you how to nose and taste our single malts.

Our uniquely crafted whisky is appreciated all over the world making a tour of our distillery very popular. Booking is essential; we recommend a lead time of around 4 weeks if you wish to visit our distillery however we'll endeavour to accommodate all tour bookings where possible.

    • Our tour costs £40 per person
    • Bottling your own Balvenie in Warehouse 24 costs £30 and is only possible as part of a Balvenie Tour.
    • We run two tours per day Monday to Thursday and one morning tour on Fridays.
    • There are no tours avaialble on weekends (our coopers need a rest).
    • We like to keep our tour as personal as possible so each one is limited to a maximum of eight people.
    • We are only able to welcome those over 18 years old on our tour.
    • We advise you to leave your car behond so you can enjoy a dram with us however parking spaces are availble.

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Simply call us on +44 (0) 1340 822 210 or fill in your details to request a tour.

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