24 Apr 2013

The Balvenie Craft in Motion tour is heading to Chester and York

The Balvenie Craft in Motion tour is heading to Chester and York in the coming weeks. Bringing together whisky tastings and a craft forum, Craft in Motion is a unique series of events celebrating the handcrafted. Hosted by The Balvenie's UK Brand Ambassador, Dr Andrew Forrester, the tour will visit The Chester Grosvenor Hotel & Spa in Chester on Thursday 25th April and The Cedar Court Grand Hotel, York on Thursday 2nd May. Craft in Motion are free to attend events but please RSVP to if you wish to attend or get in touch with us via @BalvenieUK 


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Philip Dawson’s Collection

The Balvenie story has always been deeply interwoven with those who dedicate their lives to its craft. Philip Dawson, a Mash Man who’s been committed to the 5 Rare Crafts through 28 years of whisky dedication, has a passion for The Balvenie that goes way

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Sam Simmons - 5 Facts Every Whisky Lover Should Know

Whisky is distilled beer. An oversimplification, perhaps, but the truth needn’t be complicated. Whisky IS simple stuff, made complex. Whisk(e)y is the product of grain, yeast and water: maize/corn, rye, barley and in the case of single malt, exclusively malted barley.

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A Little Potted History of the Dipping Dog

In days gone by, the Dipping Dog would have been employed by thirsty employees at the distillery to pilfer whisky by lowering the cylinder into the cask. On retrieving it, its canny owner would have secured his haul by tightly sealing the opening with a cork.

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The Intelligent Hand

It is no news that craftsmanship is at the heart of The Balvenie’s ethos. It permeates everything we do, from the whisky we make to the craftspeople we work with around the world. We remain determined to preserve traditional whisky-making methods even as our scale changes and technologies advance all around us. This is what film-maker James Rogan witnessed when he came up to the distillery to create a film around David Stewart’s 50 years with William Grant & Sons a few years ago.

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