27 Jul 2012

David Stewart celebrates 50 years as Malt Master with a very special expression

The Balvenie Fifty

David Stewart, Scotland’s longest serving Malt Master, celebrated 50 years at the distillery on September 4th. 

To mark the occasion, he has crafted a truly exceptional single malt whisky from a cask that was filled in 1962 - the year he started.

The Balvenie Fifty began life half a century ago in a European oak sherry hogshead. This kind of cask isn’t often used in whisky making today and with only 88 bottles being made available The Balvenie Fifty is a rare offering

David is one of just a handful of Malt Masters in Scotland and is recognised the world over, for his incredible talent at reading whisky with his nose and palate. During his career, he estimates he has nosed over 400,000 whisky casks. Commenting on The Balvenie Fifty, he said: “Cask 5576 and I have shared the last five decades together at The Distillery and it’s a great delight to discover how after half a century this unique cask has turned out a truly special single malt.” 

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It is no news that craftsmanship is at the heart of The Balvenie’s ethos. It permeates everything we do, from the whisky we make to the craftspeople we work with around the world. We remain determined to preserve traditional whisky-making methods even as our scale changes and technologies advance all around us. This is what film-maker James Rogan witnessed when he came up to the distillery to create a film around David Stewart’s 50 years with William Grant & Sons a few years ago.

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